Put a lid on it

A little more than a year ago, Orenco Systems launched a new solution for waste water lids that don’t stand out in a client’s yard. The company introduced Landscape Lids with images printed on them so they blend into a yard more than typical green lids. It’s an ideal product for clients who purchase Orenco’s waste water system and have nice landscaping, says Eric Ball, vice president of product development.

“We traditionally made green lids that somewhat matched the lawn – and brown lids for the southwest,” Ball says. “We came across a material that looked like it would work for our lids so we could match the landscape better.”

Orenco offers three styles: river rock, mulch and grass. All three feature a photograph of each texture placed directly on the lid. The company recently purchased a new printer and plans to offer custom images moving forward.

The lids are designed only for Orenco’s waste water products, which are sold nationally. However, the company hopes to offer more options for other non-proprietary waste water products with the help of the new printer.

Orenco’s business comes mostly from its waste water products but the lids provide the company with more visibility. “Our target market is customers of our waste water product,” Ball says.

The company works with engineers or septic system designers when installing one of its waste water products. The homeowner is also involved in the decision-making process. “Our lid might not come up in the discussion. It might be when they build the system that they say you have the option for the landscape lid,” Ball says. “It’s similar to buying a car – picking the color will come after you pick the model.”

Nevertheless, it’s a great option for homeowners who don’t want the waste water product standing out in their yard. For those interested in more information, visit orenco.com or circle X. – Maureen Alley