Glass aesthetics

Palace of Glass takes glass design to a custom level by offering high-end architectural glass products that are custom-made and designed by artisans, not machines. “All the designs are done by hand. It’s a tradition that originates in the Czech Republic,” says Alexander Kronik, president of the Los Angeles-based company.

The products are created by a sandblasting technique that carves the glass. “We do the carving first, temper the glass and then enamel paint is air-brushed over the carving,” he adds.

The company’s portfolio consists of 300 designs that can be found on its website — which are designs that some people ask to re-create. These 300 designs can be customized to each project, or clients can provide Palace of Glass with their own concepts. Products can range from ¼-in. thick to 1½-in. thick depending on how the product will be used.

To start the process, clients contact the company, provide them with details of the product they are looking to create: size, thickness, colors, etc. Then Palace of Glass provides a quote and discusses ways to customize it. “Once we get all of that information, we work on a sketch and provide it to the client. The client will provide us with any adjustments, and make a final approval. Then it goes into production,” Kronik says. “Once it’s produced, we take photos and get confirmation from the client.”

In addition, Palace of Glass designers provide clients with a black-and-white outline with exact dimension and layout of their product. The lead time is six to eight weeks.

There are approximately 50 distributors around the country who can handle the installation, or a contractor can handle it, Kronik says. “It’s no different than working with any other glass.”

For more information call 800-959-1008, visit or circle 16. — Maureen Alley