The bathroom is part of the master suite unit. It includes unobstructed views of the ocean with its floor-to-ceiling windows. The owner wanted to maintain the feeling of openness created by these large expanses of glass in each room. The designers drew inspiration from the colors of the sky and the water below. The selected materials reinforced this concept. The blue natural stone became the focal point of the room while the neutral tones of the rest of the materials added warmth and highlighted the natural beauty of the pieces.

The ocean view acts as the focal point of the room, making the challenge to create a functional master bathroom that allowed views to be seen from all of a bathroom’s functional elements. Adding to this challenge was the owner’s request that the new tub remain against the operable window.

The designers broke with traditional bathroom design and reoriented features so the view was predominately displayed from each functional area. Conceptually, a large plane of blue quartzite stone organized the tub and vanities toward the view. This plane rests on a floating wood cabinetry base that appears to intersect with the form of the stone steps to the tub. The architects structurally adhered slim stainless steel framed mirrors to the clear glass pane separating the vanity from the tub space. An overhead Kohler tub filler was selected to keep the fixtures placed on the blue stone plane to a minimum.