Custom home less than 3,000 s.f.

This home is designed upon the foundations of a previous residence and around an existing pool. The prior house ignored the most basic principles of bioclimatic design and had a poor relationship with its site. Furthermore, it was in a state of dilapidation so it was necessary to demolish it entirely with the exception of the garage.

The new home was designed to reconnect with the site, provide openness throughout, utilize green features wherever possible, and follow solar design principles — featuring optimum southerly exposures and natural ventilation strategies.

A key challenge of the project was to create a feeling of flexibility and openness throughout and to allow for strong flowing connections between the various indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to the extensive use of high-performance glass, sliding doors allow for uninhibited and enfilade views. This is especially evident in the main living/dining room where the doors pocket entirely into adjacent walls, realizing the effect of a freestanding outdoor pavilion.

In an effort to design a green home, the project includes a variety of features such as: overhangs shielding large sliding glass doors from solar heat gain; thermal mass of the radiant-heated polished concrete floors; operable clerestory windows for natural ventilation; high-performance soy-based foam insulation; recycled cotton batt insulation; cool roof with an aluminized reflective coating; net-metering photovoltaics; solar pool water heating system; solar domestic water preheat system plus a high-efficiency natural gas water heater for in-slab radiant heating and domestic water; low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets; low-maintenance high-strength integrally colored polished concrete floors utilizing recycled fly ash; low-maintenance acrylic-coat stucco finish, fiber cement board slats and integrally colored concrete masonry unit site walls; low or no VOC interior finishes; rainwater and site drainage all managed on-site; and drought-tolerant and native plant landscaping.