Custom home 4,000 to 4,999 s.f.


The main house is a rectangle, providing ample wall space for the clients’ innovative contemporary art collection. A second bar contains the service spaces of the house, while a third, which flies out over the terrace, contains the guest suite and creates a covered porch below. Architect Marcel Breuer inspired the stone wall penetrating the house and the view-framing openings in the concrete walls. The exterior walls of the house are composed entirely as rectangles, in different colors and contrasting textures: windows with red-painted panels and slate roofing tiles mounted sideways.

This is a house focused around a spectacular contemporary art collection. The design had to balance the clients’ desire for long stretches of wall space protected from UV light, with their wish for plenty of windows to see the spectacular Berkshire views. The sloping site provided both a challenge and an opportunity to root the house in the hillside.

A rectangular box with windows to the view contains the major living spaces. This is broken in several places with cubes containing studies, the front entry, the screened porch and more. These cubes push into the interior, providing walls for paintings, small accidental gallery spaces, as well as the separation necessary between private and public spaces.

Super insulated walls and roof, a geothermal loop, and triple-glazed windows, which give double UV protection for the art, all contributed to receiving Energy Star’s highest rating.