Detached structure

The objectives for this structure were to provide a guest suite, accommodations for the owner’s animals and space for equipment and storage that could be opened up on occasion as a gathering space. The desire was also to have an heirloom structure that would be a focal point on the farm for generations to come.

The challenge was to integrate these into a structure with historic imagery that provides a good companion for the smaller farmhouse and surrounding horse farms. The structure needed to exude a sense of permanence yet meet contemporary standards of green construction.

The solution was three connected barns constructed with traditional mortise and tenon timber frame construction covered with structural insulated panels. Much of the timber and all of the interior finish wood was reclaimed. Stone from the farm was integrated into the masonry walls. A geothermal radiant floor system was used for heating, and energy-efficient lighting was used with power supplemented by an on-site wind turbine. The three barn solution allows separate identity for each of the barns and a scale in keeping with other farm buildings.