Great room

The objective on this lakefront lot was to maximize the lake view and create large open spaces. These spaces needed to serve multiple purposes and flow together to create an informal living environment ideal for entertaining and fostering a relaxed lifestyle. The design is a mix of traditional, island-style and sleek modern.

As with most Florida lakefront properties, the challenge was the stability of the land itself. A second challenge was designing an indoor/outdoor living area that blends one into the other and can be used throughout the year.

The land stability solution was creating a solid building platform that encompasses the entire house and pool area. The concrete and steel platform rests on 138 pilings, each 12 in. in diameter and 25 ft. deep. The high-strength cast-in-place pilings are similar to those used for multistory oceanfront condominium structures. The solution to blending the indoors and outdoors was using the same flooring inside and out creating a seamless effect. To make the area usable year-round, retractable screens were built into the lanai that can be lowered when needed to protect the area from solar heat and glare, insects and can retain up to 90 percent of the home’s conditioned air.