Home office

The client owns his own business and runs it out of his home. He needed an office with a separate entrance, a sound barrier from the home’s living areas, sitting area, room for a conference table, computer desks, ample room for storage and plenty of natural light.

The challenge was creating a separate entrance that wasn’t confusing to the visiting client and that visually didn’t detract from the home.

The solution was designing a front door that opened into a courtyard and has two entrances: one to the home’s foyer and French doors to the office. The windows in the French doors make it obvious to the client these are the doors to enter. For soundproofing, a ½-lb. spray foam was used. At 14 ft. by 21 ft. 4 in., with two closets and two built-in computer desks and cabinets, the room provides the space needed. A surprise element of the room is corner pocketing sliders that allow one to step outside of the sitting area for spectacular lake views.