Shine a light on the closet

Many products are the result of a need, and this is the case with the LED closet rod from Efficient-Tec International. A custom metal fabricator company and also manufacturer of illuminated handrails, the birth of this product was a natural next step.

“An illuminated handrail is similar to an illuminated closet rod. The sales reps were saying there was a need in the marketplace for a closet rod solution. So it was a product that we more or less designed and adapted to a closet system,” says Jerry Nickell, general manager for the Dallas-based company.

Introduced to the market approximately two-and-a-half years ago, it has taken off within the past 12 months, Nickell says. It’s available in both the U.S. and Canada in two versions: stainless steel or aluminum. The closet rod can include warm or cool light color with two output levels of high or medium. In addition, custom lighting colors are available. “We can have it rotate from red to blue to green,” he adds.

The product is found in mostly high-end homes because of its price point. “It’s not for every closet — you need to have the space to get the benefit of the product,” Nickell says. “This closet rod is a luxury item.”

Within the next 60 to 90 days, the company plans to launch other options of the closet rod. “Currently we have the direct light source that shines on the clothing. We are developing an indirect option so it will light up and down,” Nickell says.

It is designed for easy installation for an electrical contractor. It is sold preassembled and prewired. The electrical contractor will need to mount the two flanges. However, a few considerations do need to be made before installation. “They need to plan the space for a remote power supply: 6-in. by 6-in. by 3-in. space,” Nickell says. “The other consideration is to keep in mind the rod needs support every 64 in. It doesn’t break up the lighting — just needs a hanger every 64 in.”

Those interested in purchasing the product can do so through local electrical distributors. For more information on the product or the company, visit or circle 22. — Maureen Alley