Out of the Ordinary Storage

Every homeowner has a difficult area of their house to organize. Whether it be spices in the kitchen, hair-care products in the bathroom or any other number of areas, many open their overflowing cupboards only to have items topple out.

Regis McQuaide, president of Pittsburgh-based Master Remodelers Inc., incorporates customized storage solutions in each of his projects. A recently completed kitchen in Mt. Lebanon, just south of Pittsburgh, includes a hidden pull-out spice cabinet underneath the cooking range. One side of the cabinet is home to spices while the other side is filled with various oils. Shelves are of differing heights and are adjustable.

Master Remodelers builds its own cabinets rather than using out-of-the-box cabinets from a manufacturer. “We have more flexibility when you’re dealing with the guys building the cabinet,” McQuaide says. “Our finish carpenters and shop guys also have insight. A lot of times we’ll figure it out as we go. We can construct anything we draw.”

Other custom cabinet options McQuaide has completed include a pull-out spice cabinet at eye level, a tilt-out cupboard behind a cooktop for spatula storage and vertical storage for step stools. “Our customers want something unique and different,” he says. “They like these little surprises we can add.” McQuaide also branches into other rooms. For example, a bathroom he completed includes a special storage area behind the sink for hair-care products.

Because each cabinet is custom-made, dimensions vary. Cabinets frequently are placed in a space that otherwise would have been wasted space because of unusual dimensions. “It would be hard to make anything fit there,” McQuaide explains. “We use every nook and cranny.”