Look on the positive side

As I was putting together this issue, I noticed a common theme: positivity. It was a breath of fresh air to see all the content coming together that encourages positive business practices and attitudes.

Reporting on positive stories is just as important as reporting on the negative ones. In journalism school, I was taught the importance of reporting on what people need to hear, not just what they want to hear. Yes, there have been quite a few negative stories about the housing industry and economy, but it’s important not to ignore the positive things that are happening — and they are happening. This issue is proof to you that not everything is doom and gloom.

The three main feature articles provide positive outlooks from various angles. The cover story (page 12), featuring the Power Haus project by Josh Wynne Construction, located in Sarasota, Fla., is the highest-rated LEED Platinum home in the country. This is an accomplishment that owner Josh Wynne has now accomplished twice in his career. He sees goals to do something differently and he goes for them.

The “Rebuilding after a disaster” article (page 18) is an inspiring one that highlights trade professionals, organizations and manufacturers going out of their way to help those who lost everything in the devastating tornadoes this past spring. These professionals aren’t focusing on what’s lost, but rather what can be done to make life better for those affected and make their futures brighter.

The third article, “How I survived the housing slowdown” (page 24) is a raw and honest look at an architect’s experience through the slowdown. After experiencing previous recessions, Bill Styczynski thought his company was sitting just right to handle a slowdown. He quickly learned how different the atmosphere was compared to anything he’d previously experienced. This article is written by Bill from his perspective and it gives an honest look at the past, but also what he’s doing to move his business forward.

I’m always proud of the content that is published in RD+B, but I am especially proud to present you this compilation of articles that focus on positive growth rather than what’s changed and what life used to be.

What are some positive stories you’ve heard or experienced? I’d love to hear from you: maureen.alley@cygnus.com, 920-563-1675, or on Twitter @MaureenAlley.