Whole House $200,000 - $500,000

Gold and Best in Show > $250,000

Allen Associates, Santa Barbara, Calif.

The clients recently lost their home to a wildfire and decided to purchase this home rather than build in the previous location. They wanted to make their new home as fireproof as possible and upgrade its interior finishes. In the middle of the remodel, the clients’ daughter visited and recommended opening up the living room, dining room and kitchen into an elegant great room with cathedral ceilings and filled with natural light. This changed the scope of the remodel substantially but the final result was well worth the changes in budget and timeline.



Darcy Bean Custom Construction, Champaign, Ill.

The cosmopolitan, middle-aged homeowners work from home and often entertain so they wanted to reconfigure their home’s first floor to their own tastes—without much concern for resale. They wanted a brightened version of a traditional Arts and Crafts interior with extensive use of wood, stained glass and excellent craftsmanship. They also wanted multiple, well-thought-out lighting options to allow for ambiance control. Finally, they preferred to use local materials and talent. The remodel includes a new front entry, wheelchair-accessible bathroom, library/reading room with ample light, and functional workspace with plenty of storage space.  


CG&S Design-Build, Austin, Texas

The owners of this hillside home were out of the country during an extended freeze. They returned to find pipes had burst and damaged the interior of their home. The homeowners decided the restoration process was an opportunity to remodel their home in a style more fitting to their personal aesthetic and that matched their existing Mission-style furniture. They were attracted to the Arts and Crafts style and wanted to incorporate artisanship into the design, as well as period hardware and lighting fixtures.


Allen Associates, Santa Barbara, Calif.

The client wanted to bring life back to her condominium, which was part of a building that hadn’t been well constructed in 1974. In fact, the condo’s beachside location caused it significant wear and tear. The first goal of the remodel was to repair rotten timbers and upgrade the unit’s structure. The next goal was to open the space. Lastly, the team upgraded interior finishes to ensure the small space also is elegant.