Contemporary Living

e Idea

Brunner had completed a kitchen design for the homeowners, who liked the kitchen so much they contacted him again with the idea of integrating a shelving unit into their living-room wall. Although originally intending to have shelves only on the left and right side of the alcove, after seeing drawings by Brunner that expanded the shelving across the top of the wall, they decided to cover the entire wall. The client chose to use African Bubinga wood with a high-gloss finish for the unit. After extensive research, Brunner decided to incorporate about 24 varying-size LEDs built into the shelf to provide spot lighting to specific shelves and overall lighting.

The Challenge

Brunner says that because the house was old, very few angles were square. To properly install the shelving, he and his team had to cut behind the drywall to install 2 by 4s and 2 by 6s in the concrete block wall and then use moulding to square the angles. “Because the building was so out of square, we built everything in place to ensure it fit,” he says. The client wanted a contemporary look, yet one that was classic and wouldn’t go out of style in a few years. “We have to take the vision, thoughts, dreams, aspirations and wishes of the client and translate them into something that’s beyond what they dreamed it could be,” Brunner says. “I know in my heart that 100 years from now somebody is going to look at this and say ‘this thing is amazing.’” |