Exterior Facelift

Gold and Best in Show < $250,000

Huseby Homes LLC, Nashville, Tenn.

The clients’ home is located on one of the most visible corners of historic Nashville. It boasts a 3-acre front yard and row of 100-year-old oak trees. The 1940s ranch was unattractive, had a leaky roof and other maintenance issues. The surrounding homes have a median value of $3 million; therefore, most buyers and real-estate professionals viewed it as a tear-down. The project scope was to transform the exterior of the home through classical architectural design to give it an appearance that matched the surrounding real estate and help the home stand out in a special way.



Wentworth Inc., Chevy Chase, Md.

The homeowners are modern architecture enthusiasts and wanted to update their 1960s split-foyer home with a two-car garage, modern façade with handsome finishes, and pleasing front entry to give the home presence. Located on a 2-acre suburban lot, the home’s centerpiece now is a projecting front porch that has a cube form. In addition, contrasting materials—stone, wood and stucco—were used to embellish the existing brick house.



Landis Construction, Washington, D.C.

After several decades in their 1970s townhouse, the homeowners decided it was time for a facelift. The original aluminum siding with wood-batten trim was rotting and falling off the façade in places. Barely any insulation was below the exterior finish. Windows and glass doors needed to be replaced. The goal of bringing the aesthetic value and energy efficiency of the home into the 21st century was accomplished.