Cabinet Manufacturers Deliver Product Variety

Keeping up with demand is a key to success for any company, but for kitchen cabinet manufacturers, providing the range of choices that today’s consumer is looking for is a significant challenge.

While customers are growing more interested in transitional and contemporary styles, many still buy traditional. And while rich woods and dark tones draw attention, painted finishes and popular wood species are driving the industry. Cabinet interiors must meet the organizational standards of the busy homeowner, with quiet functionality considered a given. And, all of this must come at an affordable price point.

To keep pace with demand, cabinet manufacturers are adding finishes, woods, options and even customization to their offerings, all at a time when an uncertain economy would otherwise dictate holding to the status quo.

Kitchen & Bath Design News’ 28th annual ‘Kitchen Cabinet Style & Design Guide’ provides a brief overview of the kitchen cabinet market and its players, and their current activity and product lines. It is designed to provide key information to help cabinet specifiers stay in touch with the types of products that are currently on the market.

Since cabinet lines and offerings change frequently, KBDN suggests that product specifiers contact the companies listed directly when additional information is required.

For a complete Cabinet Guide listing: A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P, Q-T and U-Z.

For a complete listing of kitchen and bath industry suppliers, visit KBDN's Prodcut Locator.