Personal Touch

Client Gift Baskets

The company

Powers Construction Group Inc., Woodridge, Ill.,

The Idea

Powers Construction Group Inc. realized a remodeling project can put a lot of stress on homeowners. Eight years ago, the company decided to start thanking its customers by presenting them with personalized gift baskets at the end of each project. The baskets have become a great way for Powers Construction Group to promote itself through word-of-mouth and stand out among its competition in the area.

“We just saw it as something nice to do for clients for being patient,” says Lesley Powers, chief financial officer of Powers Construction Group and gift-basket assembler. “When they talk to neighbors and friends about their remodel, the gift baskets seem to be the first thing they discuss.”

Each basket is specific to the type of remodeling completed and the homeowners’ interests. A large-scale remodel will receive a bigger basket proportionate to the scope of work; a project involving fixture upgrades to a small bathroom will receive a more modest basket. Overall, Powers typically spends $150 to $200 on each gift basket. The baskets are delivered when the final check is collected from the clients.

With an average of 40 jobs per year, Powers has completed more than 300 baskets to date. “It’s important to keep them personalized to the client,” she explains. “It goes a long way when clients know you put it together specifically for them.”

The Materials

Powers gets creative with the baskets by using any container that is appropriate to the project or homeowners. For example, an Italian-themed kitchen basket may contain pasta, sauce, olive oil and utensils sitting in a colander.

The following are some examples of gift baskets Powers has created through the years:

  • Bathroom—Color-coordinated towels, soaps
  • Kitchen—Baking pans, baking products, cookbooks, utensils
  • Home theater—Movies, popcorn, popcorn bowls, Snuggies
  • Man cave—“Man Cave” sign, sports memorabilia, throw blanket
  • Nursery—Baby basket, diapers, other baby needs, plush toys
  • Family room—Crystal candy dish, books, specialty candies