Hardwood Stair Overlay System

Renovating a staircase doesn’t have to require a lot of tread and riser demolition to achieve the desired new look. Columbus, Ohio-based StareCasing Systems Inc. manufactures the StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System, which was showcased in the January issue, as an alternative to costly stair refurbishing. In a matter of hours, carpeted stairs can be converted to hardwood without the need for total reconstruction.

  • The system consists of two parts: the StareTread and StareRiser.
  • The StareTread creates a glovelike fit over an existing wood stair tread and covers the tread entirely, including the nosing portion.
  • The StareRiser overlay installs over the existing riser and comes prefinished to match the StareTread or primed to be painted.
  • Both components are milled of solid hardwood with no plywoods, veneers, laminates or other hardwood substitutes.
  • Wood species come prefinished or unfinished in Brazilian cherry, maple, red oak and white oak.
  • Additional wood species, lengths and custom stains are available through special order.
  • Factory-applied finishes are VOC-compliant and include UV protectants and hardening additives for durability.
  • Each overlay comes in 36-, 42- and 48-inch lengths but is slightly oversized in length and depth to allow for precise cutting and fit.
  • After dry fitting the StareTread to ensure proper fit, polyurethane-based construction adhesive is applied.
  • The system requires approximately eight hours of dry time before walking on the new tread surface.

To watch an installation video about the overlay system, visit starecasing.com/installation-training.

For more information about the StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System, Type 37 in E-Inquiry Form or visit directory.qualifiedremodeler.com/10209981.

Comparative Company:

The NuSTAIR Stair Fitter system allows a remodeler to place a 3/4-inch-thick riser over the substrate riser to achieve a flush fit with the framing lip. Type 38 in E-Inquiry Form