Detached Structure


Metropolitan Builders, Charlotte, N.C.

This detached garage incorporates commercial aviation areas and a residential garage. A walkway over the water leads to a landing pad for a helicopter. It is residential up to the water’s edge but is considered commercial aviation once over the water. The construction team removed the roof from the boat house to create the landing pad. No project of this nature has been completed in North Carolina; the Department of Insurance is writing new code amendments to apply to future projects.


Scott Wilson Architect LLC, Brentwood, Tenn.

The family requested a structure with an open feel and view of the golf course it sits on that could serve as a home office, guest suite and entertaining area while providing space for future accommodations of a possible pool. The addition reflected the traditional architectural features of an antebellum building typical in the region. Windows provide ample natural lighting while an overhang protects the interior space from the summer sun. The kitchen and living areas share a vaulted ceiling.


McDonald Remodeling Inc., Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

This pool and kitchen house, which was added onto a garage, boasts a gathering area, kitchen, bath, saunas and changing rooms. The client wanted a relaxing space that could entertain guests throughout the day that was an extension of the existing house and landscaping. Custom elements include red birch vaulted ceilings, bees wing eucalyptus cabinetry, custom glass tiles and a solid stone fireplace. A set of large doors is installed to fully open to enjoy the summers while protecting against the cold in the winter.


CG&S Design-Build, Austin, Texas

Because of the lot’s slope, the backyard was accessed by steep stairs from a back deck. The owners, who enjoyed spending time outdoors, wanted improved yard access, a covered cabana and a pool. To protect existing trees and their root systems, the team wrapped trees with 2 by 4s and each root that was cut was treated to protect against oak wilt infection. Decks were constructed around existing trees that lead to the pool deck. A c-shaped cabana is off the pool and includes a firepit, grill and sink.