Building Customer Loyalty Generates Higher Profitability

  • Adapt your niche capabilities to your clients’ specialized needs, while always seeking to add value.
  • Drive to create mutually beneficial relationships with your clients, industry professionals and community members.
  • Develop a “doer/seller” mind-set, which is driven throughout all levels of the organization.
  • Evaluate and rate potential clients in terms of suitability for your strengths, and prioritize time and resources accordingly.

  1. Why vision, value systems and corporate culture are key components to a comprehensive business development program.
  2. The oldest trade around: customer relations. Insight and recommendations on how to facilitate customer relationships.
  3. What best-in-class firms are doing to strengthen customer loyalty. Case studies include Gilbane, DPR and The Norwood Company.
  4. Programming customer loyalty into your work: 10 approaches. Recommendations describing crucial, practical steps toward building a solid foundation for a successful customer loyalty program.
  5. The power of emotionally invested employees. Engaged employees are the foundation for a successful customer loyalty and business development program