Excellence Awards Inspire Innovation

This issue is all about inspiration. Five of your peers scrutinized each and every submission to this year’s Design Excellence Awards and ultimately chose 22 projects. That’s 22 award-winning designs by which to be inspired.

Home building professionals pull inspiration from different places: travel, magazines, TV, continuing education and more. Providing interesting and unique ideas to your clients is essential to being successful, and can turn a prospect into a client. It also helps with the entire process as you show them ideas that will make their house truly theirs.

When interviewing builders and architects, I always ask where their inspiration came from. More often than not, the answer is interesting and provides insight into the team that created the product. Take for example Kohler Co.’s Numi toilet (see page 46). This toilet is the ultimate in luxury for the bathroom, with features such as a foot warmer, bidet with dryer, built-in speakers, and much more. When I asked Kohler’s Product Manager for Toilets and Bidets Mike Marbach where the toilet’s inspiration came from, he said it was to create “the world’s best toilet” and change the way people thought about toilets.

Always looking for inspiration, and creating new and innovative products is the key to running a successful business, as well as reinforcing the groundwork of the United States. Our history is built on innovation; it keeps us moving forward, evolving and improving.

Browse through the pages of this issue and be inspired by projects reaching across all styles, challenges, goals and opportunities. One project that piqued the judges’ interest and might yours as well is the winner of the Spec/Model Home category which is shown on the cover (also see page 42). The goal for this project was to create a home that met the needs of high-end clientele in a high-end development. The builder encouraged and trusted the designer to meet those needs. The end result is a winner of the 2011 Design Excellence Awards.

As we close the door on the 2011 Design Excellence Awards, we open it to the 2011 Business Excellence Awards. Successful and innovative business practices are as important as design, and RD+B recognizes this fact in its 10th annual Business Excellence Awards program. Is your company doing something ground-breaking? Are you surviving by being creative? Are you proud of your business practices? Get recognized by entering at rdbmagazine.com/awards. Deadline to enter is Aug. 19.