Firm Creates Designs Through Synergy

Atlanta, GA — At Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio, the key to success is synergy. How else to describe a firm where it is not unusual for the staff to take group trips to factories, job sites and even artists’ studios in order to spark their collective imagination?

Matthew Quinn, principal of the firm, along with Ric Parrish, explains: “Our firm’s success is largely attributed to the strength and closeness of our team. The dedication to one another translates to a deep dedication and commitment to our clients.”

In business since 1979, the firm employs 18 staff members, including a team of designers, technicians and professionals and an additional team of 12 installers.

Quinn says that the clients and designers that the firm works with have led to projects that span the globe, including a recent project completed in Hong Kong.

High Standards

The firm’s best results come when its designers and clients work in concert, says Quinn.

“We’re passionate about art, fashion, food and wine and can provide drawings to clients as old school as water colors or as modern as 3-D animations,” he says.

“As a group, we also review each other’s projects, learning from each other, critiquing each other and inspiring each other. This ensures that every project achieves a superior level of interest,” he notes.

For Quinn, good design simply isn’t good enough.

“We strive for great design in everything we do,” he says. “We always focus on the client – lifestyle, needs, desires and background, because we believe that attention to detail is the fine line that elevates a project. Lastly, every project needs to have at least one element that is unique and memorable.”

He adds: “My design philosophy of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication is revealed in each of our projects.”

On with the Show

Based in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, the firm’s 7,000-sq.-ft. showroom offers the firm an intimate setting in which to showcase over a dozen individual kitchens and baths.

Quinn offers: “The showroom gives our five design professionals a full array of state-of-the-art technology, traditional and modern design styles and a variety of quality materials from which to choose.

Among the product lines featured in the showroom are WmOhs, Downsview Fine Custom Cabinetry, Dutch Made Custom Cabinetry, La Cornue and AGA Marvel. The firm is also currently preparing to launch the Peter Block Casework collection.

Quinn adds: “From the multitude of floor surfaces on which the client stands, to the top of the cabinet molding, custom backsplash, island countertops and appliance selections, every detail of the showroom is presented as part of a fully designed and installed room. The showroom presents a ‘sky is the limit’ array of designs and products that we are constantly changing so that we are always presenting the latest in materials, appliances and design aesthetics.”

Face of the Industry

The firm also focuses on its marketing campaign, efforts that stretch from publication in magazines to social media and time spent on both sides of design competitions.

Quinn explains: “As one of the most published firms in the kitchen and bath industry, we believe that editorial is our best form of publicity. We are also avid supporters of, and continually participate in, a number of charity designer showhouses.”

Quinn himself is also a member of the Sub-Zero/Wolf International Design Committee, a judge on the panel for the Sub-Zero/Wolf Design Competition, and a product designer for MTI Whirlpools, the Rubinet Company, Reveal Designs and Francois & Co.

Additionally, the firm does a number of commercial projects.Quinn notes that Design Galleria recently completed its partnership with the St. Regis Residences in the fall of 2009, in which the firm designed and installed the kitchens and baths of over 40 residential condo units.

“We also recently completed the design and installation of the largest single-family residence in Hong Kong, complete with five kitchens and 21 bathrooms,” he says.

Whether the project is residential or commercial, Quinn says: “By far, our favorite projects are those where the client is passionate about cooking and entertaining and is involved in the design process.”

To that end, he notes that the firm will participate in informational seminars and work closely with vendors to assist in educating clients and colleagues by introducing the latest products, designs and innovations.

The firm also has a strong presence on Facebook and a blog dedicated to design to keep its customers and others well informed about the company and its offerings. Image advertisements of its recent projects in various local and national magazines are also a part of that effort.

“In the end, our firm caters to clientele with discerning tastes who appreciate the work, attention and care it takes to create a Design Galleria space,” he stresses.