Clearing the Air

As more new homes are constructed to be more airtight, air quality has become a top concern for builders, designers and homeowners. Proper ventilation is critical to ridding the kitchen and bath of contaminants, odors and excess moisture that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Additionally, negative flow from improper ventilation can pull volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cabinetry and other products, presenting potential health hazards.

Manufacturers have responded with products that promote cleaner air, while also featuring custom looks and finishes. Task lighting in hoods has become the norm, along with convenience features such as heat lamps and units that are retractable. Greener products have also become a focus, as compliance with Energy Star, HVI and ASHRAE standards has taken center stage. This also allows manufacturers to meet demand for products that lower energy bills and earn LEED points.

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