Design-Build Firm Provides Worry-Free Process

LA MESA, CA— There’s a famous shampoo campaign that promises “no more tears,” and Jason Larson has applied a similar approach to his design-build business. Founded 18 years ago, Lars Construction offers what it terms “Innovation in Renovation,” a two-part process that, according to Larson, ensures a seamless and memorable design process – without the tears.

“With our ‘No More Tears’ remodeling, we strive to educate our clients and communicate with them throughout the entire process,” he says. “It’s important to us that the clients are involved in the remodel, from understanding what is going to happen during the process and how it will affect their lives to what they can expect from the finished product.”

He continues: “Our primary focus in any remodel project is to ensure that the new work is blended flawlessly with the original construction. We strive to make sure that no one will ever be able to detect any room addition or remodel.

That is why the second part of ‘Innovation in Renovation’ is called ‘Art of Blend.’ ”

The results speak for themselves: The firm was voted San Diego’s “Best Home Remodeler” for 2008 and 2009, as well as San Diego’s “Best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler” for ’09 by the San Diego Union Tribune.

The firm provides residential remodeling, design-build, room additions, second stories, custom kitchens and designer bathrooms. According to Larson, the firm’s clients vary in budgets to the point that he calls “every person a potential client.”

“We’re a design-build firm, so we are able to control the design as well as the cost. The result is a plan that is comfortable for the client,” he says. “We approach each project with the same philosophy: Treat each client as if they were the one and only.”

Innovative Renovation

According to Larson, a thorough design process and superior client education and communication set his firm apart from his competition.

Additionally, Larson believes that personalization truly resonates with clients. He states: “We focus on creating a kitchen or bath that suits the clients’ lifestyle and meets their needs. This makes them comfortable and sure of their buying decision.

“We offer custom cabinets built to their exact specifications, semi-custom cabinets which allow our clients a range of custom features without the custom price, and a modular line which gives our clients an economical opportunity to remodel their kitchen or bath with very nice products,” he offers. “We also offer free design consultations in our state-of-the-art, 1,600-sq.-ft. design center where we can help clients lay out their plans and view them on a 3-D plasma viewing screen,” he says, adding that the firm’s design consultants are there to help clients truly visualize what their completed project will look like.

And while the economy may be challenging, Larson’s firm has actually expanded, recently adding project designers, a project manager and trade contractors.

“Our top priority is working closely with our clients to explore options that work the absolute best for their home, and to continue to communicate and work with them throughout the entire process,” he states.

Industry Savvy

Larson believes that it’s critical to stay abreast of industry happenings, new technology and training. In fact, Larson was one of the first NARI members in San Diego to become a Certified Remodeler.
He notes: “We also ensure that we stay up-to-date on every legality associated with permits, regulations and building codes, guaranteeing that our clients’ time and money is well spent now, as well as down the road when the time comes to sell their home.”

To increase visibility, the firm utilizes social networking, posting company updates, photos of completed projects and testimonials. Larson also enters design contests, and advertises on local TV.
But while he is quick to engage in activities that spread the word about his firm, he also believes in listening. He concludes, “Above everything, you need to listen to your clients. Make suggestions that you feel would enhance their quality of living. People love to be helped by people they respect.”