T16 Electric Tankless Water Heater from American Hometec

Tankless water heaters have earned market share because of their energy efficiency and on-demand water-heating capabilities. However, some tankless water heaters’ heating coils can build up with lime, leading to diminished efficiency. Wilmington, Del.-based American Hometec has addressed lime build-up with a patented Coilless Technology for all its tankless water heaters, including its T16 electric tankless water heater, which was showcased in the September issue, "What's New".

“Lime-scale build-up ultimately creates product failure, causing people to become distrustful of tankless water heaters,” explains David Millilo, American Hometec’s vice president of sales and marketing. “What we were able to do in all of our units was use our Coilless Technology, which mitigates any lime scale no matter what kind of water you have in your region.”

The Coilless Technology means electric components are never in direct contact with the water being heated. This prevents lime-scale accumulation that can decrease heating efficiency and capacity. American Hometec says the Coilless Technology has helped its electric tankless water heaters to maintain 95 to 99 percent efficiency throughout the life of the product while eliminating descaling service.

American Hometec manufactures a full line of gas and electric tankless water heaters. Its electric tankless water heater offerings include low-flow single and multiple sink units; whole-bathroom units, like the T16, that can handle a shower and sink at the same time; and whole-house units up to 32 kilowatts for multiple simultaneous users.

The company also makes whole-house gas tankless units, including a 4.2-gallon-per-minute and 6.3-gallon-per-minute unit for the average-sized house. For larger homes, American Hometec offers a 7.4-gallon-per-minute unit and a 7.4-gallon condensing unit.

Millilo says a homeowner can achieve the greatest water-heating efficiency by installing tankless units at every point-of-use. “The only thing I tell remodelers or anyone installing a unit is to size it right,” he warns. “Make sure you talk to our on-staff engineers about where you’re installing it, how you’re installing it and for what purpose it will be used. This will ensure the tankless water heater is sized right for the application.”

To learn more about American Hometec’s products, view a video from the 2010 Remodeling Show at www.qualifiedremodeler.com.

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