Room Additions Under $100,000

Gold Winner: Legacy Design Build Remodeling, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Project location: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Project cost: $97,216

When the clients presented the architect’s plans for a detached home office, they were concerned that the proposed costs would exceed their budget by almost 40 percent.

In analyzing their needs, however, the remodeler determined that the expansion of an unused bedroom would cut their costs dramatically while providing an equivalent amount of space. Building an attached room addition enabled the redesigned structure to seamlessly blend with the rest of the home. Also, a separate entrance to the office was maintained.

The new office features high-performance windows that protect its interior from the high-heat southern exposure and offer expansive views of the nearby mountains. A library complete with reference materials, a multimedia center with a flat-screen monitor and custom task lighting enables the homeowner to work in different areas without utilizing multiple light sources.

An unused bathroom now serves as a reading and file storage area and a computer workstation. It overlooks the courtyard entrance and provides monitoring of arriving business clientele. This portion of the office is climate controlled via an on-demand mini split system, so that the temperature may be controlled separately from the seating area.

Throughout the office space, an exposed brick wall adds material consistent with the home’s overall style. It also provides a small convenient dry bar from the office.