Chart Toppers

Stunning, art-inspired hardware, warm wood countertops and cutting boards, energy-saving LED lighting options and space-saving appliances top the list of designers’ favorite products for 2009.

That’s according to KBDN’s most-asked-about products, a list tallied exclusively by reader requests. This year’s results are based on nearly 2,000 reader requests received throughout the year.

The trend toward sustainability was clearly evident among this year’s top products, with natural materials making a significant showing. Readers’ top choices incorporated everything from glass and marble to various hardwoods and bamboo.

Decorative hardware continued to be a hot category, as this is one luxury upgrade that can dramatically enhance the look of the space without breaking the budget. Among this year’s favorites were pieces embellished with Swarovski crystal, and Fabergé egg-inspired items.

However, it was LED lighting that stole the spotlight this year with four entries, three of which made the top 10 list – including the top overall spot. Such a strong response indicates that energy-efficient lighting is a growing trend – and an increasingly important design element.

As in years past, products that promote personalization and design flexibility were in high demand, while eco-friendly selections continued to make inroads with consumers.

While many of the most-asked-about products were aesthetically appealing, they also offered plenty of functionality, particularly in the area of Universal Design. Items such as linear shower drains and fold-up shower seats also represent a better understanding of the need for manufacturers to provide well-designed offerings to help consumers who want to age in place.

If this year’s most-asked-about products are any indication, kitchen and bath designers can rest assured that the future of kitchen and bath product ingenuity is bright, and will provide plenty of design innovation for many years to come.

KBDN’s most-asked-about products list is a reflection of the products that are of greatest interest to our readers right now. On this Products Gallery, KBDN recognizes some of the most innovative and exciting new products from 2009 as decided by you, the KBDN reader.