Designer Details

With kitchens espousing cleaner lines and streamlined designs, the details become more important than ever. Simpler door styles and sustainable materials reflect the current trends, yet designer details remain in demand, with decorative mouldings, corbels, onlays, turnings, island legs and appliqués adding a feeling of elegance.

Functionality is equally important. With the recession resulting in more consumers remodeling in the same footprint, space is at a premium, so cabinet components that maximize space and accessibility are more critical than ever. That means pull-out pantries, cutlery dividers, spice racks, organizational systems and pull-outs and roll-outs are in high demand for their ability to streamline function in the kitchen while making storage easier to access by users of all ages and abilities.

But the latest trends aren’t only about the products themselves. Rather, manufacturing processes for cabinet components are also getting an overhaul, with a focus on minimizing waste and maximizing eco-friendly benefits.

In this Products Gallery, Kitchen & Bath Design News looks at just a small sampling of the wide variety of cabinet components on the market today.