Showroom Built for Community and Comfort

Fort Lauderdale, FL— Many industry professionals are involved with charity work and community service, but few include it in their company’s terms of service. However, Bill Feinberg, president of Allied Kitchen & Bath in Fort Lauderdale, FL, demands this involvement of his staff. Indeed, the firm’s commitment to the community helps to define the showroom and the company at large, as does the firm’s focus on comfort and service.

Bits and Pieces

The construction of the 15,000-sq.-ft. showroom took place in stages around the first location. Three adjacent duplexes and an adjacent space housing the decorative hardware showroom created the original setup. The demolition of the first two buildings began the construction and the third eventually became the space for the showroom’s parking lot.

A year and a half of work and a collaborative effort between Bill Feinberg and his brother Joe, the showroom’s architect and local firm Pavilick Design went into creating the space. Since the firm owned the space, and enjoyed heavy traffic at the showroom, keeping the same location was the logical choice.

The two floors of the showroom are divided into specific areas. On the first floor, one side is completely devoted to kitchen displays and the other to baths. In the center of the showroom, a reception area and resource center create a place for clients to utilize books, binders, a computer, a copier and brochures. A conference room and additional work areas give designers and clients a place to discuss future projects. The second floor of the showroom is dedicated to decorative hardware and plumbing.

Overall, the showroom houses 30 vignettes and various selection centers. One working kitchen includes double ovens, a large hood, a large island and a refrigerator. Cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, parties and guest chefs are common in this area.

Another working display is the beverage center, which includes a Miele coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher. Several working baths and bar sinks are incorporated into the showroom as well.

Comfort is key at Allied, so an abundance of bar stools, work stations and places to relax are scattered throughout.

“We feel the showroom is functional and efficient, and allows everyone to move about freely even when it’s crowded. We’ve designed the showroom so traffic can flow easily,” Feinberg states.

Showing Productivity

Abundant product offerings are also key to the firm’s success. In cabinetry, the company carries UltraCraft, Omega, Cuisine, Lorea and Adelphi. Some of the plumbing lines offered include Hansgrohe, Sigma Faucetry, Jason and TOTO. Sustainable products such as IceStone countertops are available, as well as products that promote Universal Design, from shower benches to handheld showers.

To promote its work, the firm maintains an advertising and public relations campaign that includes prominent coverage in various monthly magazines; staff members write articles for local publications.

The team utilizes both CAD software and hand drawings to bring projects to life for clients.

These designs are primarily used with homeowners, Allied’s target market, but the team never shies away from an opportunity to work with designers, architects and contractors. They are remodelers first, but the staff will participate in projects of any size, Feinberg says.

Positive Reinforcement

Feinberg and his team believe in promoting a positive outlook in all that they do. The marquee greeting clients in the parking lot rarely promotes the business, but instead presents inspirational quotes, sayings and proverbs. For the team, it all comes down to customer service.

“We want customers to feel comfortable and welcome when they come in. The first impression people have is what they take with them. If they walk in the door and are greeted poorly, they won’t be back. If we create an experience they want to tell their friends and family about, chances are they’ll be our customer,” he explains.

The company is also involved in a great deal of charity work. The staff of over a dozen is involved with Kids in Distress, the American Cancer Society and countless other organizations. The team also hosts events in the showroom for associations such as NPR radio and the Broward Women’s Alliance. The company is working with Viking Range Corp. to present seminars on remodeling and cooking for high-rise occupants in the community. The team even partnered with the Boys & Girls Club for the grand opening of the showroom, with some 300 people attending the event and the team raising over $10,000 for the charity.