Kitchens Under $50,000

Gold Award

Michael Nash Custom Kitchens & Homes, Inc., Fairfax, Va.
Project location: Vienna, Va.
Sq. ft. before and after: 240
Project cost: $44,500

Michael Nash Custom Kitchens & Homes, Inc. was asked to remodel this 1980s kitchen in Vienna, Va. It was long and narrow with a breakfast room at the end, but the traffic flow was very bad. The homeowners needed to access the breakfast room, porch and laundry areas through the kitchen, and they had to negotiate a maze to do it. The doorways were narrow; there were closets and cabinetry along all of the walls; and a peninsula jutting out into the middle of the room. The homeowners wanted a better flow as well as a French country style kitchen with formal accents.

The room was large enough, but poorly laid out. Michael Nash and company needed to flip the kitchen from one side to the other, freeing up space along one wall for a traffic aisle. They designed a traffic area that bypassed the main work area of the kitchen entirely, so it would not interfere with the kitchen activities and have enough space to move around. It was also necessary to take out the closet pantry walls, and reroute plumbing and electrical wiring from the wall where the cabinets had been, as well as remove the plumbing from the peninsula area that had served the dishwasher and sink in the old kitchen configuration. The entry doorways from the hallway and dining room would also need to be widened to improve the traffic flow.

The team gutted the room and ran new plumbing, drains and electrical wiring through the floors. They reconfigured the ductwork out of traffic areas, relocated the gas stove, requiring new gas lines through the floor as well. They eliminated two pantry closets and replaced them with double ovens, a butler pantry near the dining room entry, and a pantry wall with pullout shelves. The cabinetry they installed has a glaze that brings out the detail in the dentil mouldings and the door panels. The new larger island is situated to allow traffic and seating on the side away from food prep areas. They installed a plasma TV on the wall so the homeowners could watch it while preparing meals, and still see the set from the breakfast room.

The dramatic look of the kitchen pleased the clients very much, and they especially liked the new floor plan that improved the flow of the room. One judge felt that the Michael Nash team created an excellent solution to the traffic flow. The homeowners use their breakfast room and porch daily, and they commented that the new layout is much better than before. The wife does not feel everyone is in her way anymore, but she still feels part of the activity in the breakfast area when she is cooking in the kitchen.

Specified Products

Hardware: Amerock
Kitchen cabinets: Tru-Wood Cabinets
Kitchen appliances: Jenn-Air
Lighting fixtures: Rexel, Progress Lighting
Paints: Duron Paints
Sink: Blanco
Faucet: Moen

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Honorable mention
Artisan Design Group, Deer Mountain, Utah