Bathrooms Over $50,000

Gold Award

Tri-Lite Builders, Inc., Chandler, Ariz.
Project location: Phoenix, Ariz.
Project cost: $67,856

The homeowners were tired and uninspired by their pink bathroom constructed in the early 1990s. The wife wanted an inviting and relaxing space, while the husband required it to be functional and comfortable. The stunning new design created by Tri-Lite Builders provides them with a spa-like atmosphere and total comfort.

The old bathroom had a lot of wasted and underused space, while the newly redesigned bathroom exudes elegance and luxury while capitalizing on the large available area. An oddly shaped closet was closed in and replaced with a modern bathtub, while steps leading up to the original bathtub and shower were removed.

Capitalizing on the existing archway over the closet area, the designer incorporated graceful archways leading from the master bedroom to the master bath and also from the adjoining office to the master bedroom. The existing arch now adorns the freestanding contemporary volcanic limestone tub. The tub is great for soaking and relaxing because the volcanic limestone retains the heat of the water

A stunning waterfall effect was created using glass tile accents over the bathtub. The small shower was replaced with a new walk-in shower complete with glass accent tiles and a rain shower showerhead.

Indirect lighting was strategically placed behind the tub to create a mellow, relaxed feeling. Electrical outlets were hidden inside cabinets to give the vanity area a clean, smart look.

Glaring lights around the existing vanity were replaced with sconces with frame mirrors to match the vanity cabinets. Bulky soffits over the vanity and tub/shower area were removed to create a look of simplicity and elegance.

The remodeler faced several challenges during the remodel. During the demolition phase, an HVAC return duct was discovered in an area thought to be empty. The space had been reserved for cabinets, and the cabinets had already been ordered. To eliminate delays, one cabinet was slightly modified, and smaller custom drawer fronts were made to match the new cabinets.

When the steps leading to the tub and shower area were removed, the remodeler found only dirt instead of concrete. Workers had to dig out approximately 4 in. and pour concrete through the bathroom window. The new slab was attached to the existing slab with bolts to ensure stability.

Additionally, the wall niche behind the tub had to be framed before installing the tile floor and tub. There was no margin for error, as the niche had to be exactly 1/4 in. above the finished height of the tub.

Specified Products

Bath cabinets: Mid Continent
Bath fixtures: Grohe, Victoria & Albert
Lighting fixtures: Quoizel
Solid surface: AZ Tile
China sink: Xylem

Team Entry: Stephen Cohen Builders, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. and Oak Hill Architects, Inc., Weston, Mass.

Stone Pillar Remodeling, Inc., Redmond, Wash.

Honorable mention
Dave Fox Remodeling, Columbus, Ohio
Team Entry: Grossmueller’s Design Consultants, Inc., Washington, D.C. and A.R.T. Design Build, Bethesda, Md.