Exterior Face-lift

Gold Award
Best of Show under $250,000

Lellbach Builders, Warrenville, Ill.
Project location: Naperville, Ill.
Sq. ft. before: 2,500
Sq. ft. after: 4,500
Project cost (exterior only): $105,700

England’s Cotswold region is quite far removed from the Midwestern environs of this sensitive and detailed redo of a tract-home colonial, but the effect is the same. In the Cotswolds, the homes are small. So the primary challenge here was how to bring the Cotswold look to what was to become a very large home.

The massing and scale of the front elevation is very proportionate; each element relates well to the other. A graceful eyebrow porch does not overwhelm the two prominent new gables above the second floor. A third gable above the garage contains a larger window than the other two and yet seems to modestly balance them out. Indeed, the entire exterior — all four sides — was so perfectly detailed that it conveys the feeling of a homey, cozy cottage from any angle — a real achievement given that a small Cotswold village could live in it.

It should come as no surprise that the clients were returning to the neighborhood after having lived in London for several years. A primary goal in embarking on a whole-house remodel was to add a rich new feel to the street and the surrounding neighborhood. This objective was clearly met. But the process took time. Long before construction commenced, there were many design iterations between client and architect to arrive at the exact look the clients were trying to achieve. After construction began, says Doug Lellbach, the client, architect and contractor worked collaboratively and patiently to work through each of the subsequent design decisions. This high degree of communication helped ensure the project was executed properly.

Adding to an already elongated timeline was the world financial crisis, which intervened in the middle of construction. The stress of these events put a considerable strain on the clients as they made selection decisions. The financial crisis also added supply-chain related delays. But one year later, the beauty of the finished project certainly must make it seem to have been a very worthwhile adventure.

Specified Products

Brick/Masonry: Acme – Klimkee
Doors Exterior: Weather Shield – Clad French, custom Mahogany front
Paints/Stains: Cabot’s
Roofing: Elk
Siding: ProBuild – Staggered Shale Panels
Trim: ProBuild
Windows: Weather Shield
Specialty windows: Weather Shield

QMA Design+Build, LLC, Ventnor, N.J.

Winn Design, LLC, Fairfax, Va.
Ross Design Group, Orlando, Fla.

Honorable mention
Winn Design, LLC, Fairfax, Va.