ODW Tankless Water Heater

Innovation in home products is happening globally, although products are not universally available everywhere. To gain ground in bringing some of these products to the U.S. marketplace, Quietside has made it its mission to offer some of the more innovative products for homeowners here.

In the June issue of Qualified Remodeler, we introduced the new S-Line ODW tankless water heaters from Quietside.

These tankless systems are available in four capacities ranging from 99,000 to 199,000 Btu per hr. Using Quietside’s revolutionary S-Line heat exchangers, all of its units can reach efficiency levels over 90 percent and come with vent termination kit, remote control and isolation valve kit.

“The benefit of the ODW is that it is one of the highest efficient products in the marketplace,” says John Miles, vice president of sales and engineering for Quietside. “It’s over 90 percent efficient, so essentially for every $1 of gas that you burn you get 90 cents of that back in the hot water. The other reasons we like this product is that it is extremely user-friendly; it comes in four capacities in order to be sized for a home; it’s a very easy product to install; and vents into PVC piping rather than stainless steel like some products.”

Like all tankless hot water systems, it is important to select the correct unit for the application and for homeowners to understand that the hot water is not instantaneous. The water in the pipes still has to be flushed out, creating some delay, but generally a very short delay, before the hot water appears.

Quietside started about 12 years ago. Its purpose is to bring products to the U.S. that are prevalent in the rest of the world for energy efficiency, comfort and green living, but are not particularly widespread in this country. The company scours the world for technology that is usually ahead of what is available here, then Americanize it in some way, to offer it to consumers and offer support for the products. Besides the ODW, Quietside also offers the U.S. market single zone ductless air conditioners in the Samsung and Quietside brands, and a combo unit that conducts tankless water heating and also provides hydronic heating for baseboard or radiant floor heating.

“We’re looking at some new technology for the larger commercial side of things, but we’re always looking to move into different areas in the green marketplace like solar,” adds Miles. “We would like to create packages where the consumer can really tie in some of our products like tankless water heaters with thermal or solar water heating, or air conditioning with photovoltaic items for a complete green package that helps the consumer save energy and money.”

For more information on the ODW Tankless Water Heater and Quietside go to www.quietside.com or type in #55 in E-Inquiry Form..

Comparitive companies:

  • Capable of using either natural gas or liquid propane, the Rheem RTG-66X outdoor tankless water heater can deliver hot water at a continual flow rate of 6.6 gpm when the temperature differential from cold to hot is 45 degrees. Type in #56 in E-Inquiry Form.
  • Noble Innovations’ Viridian electric tankless water heaters do not “flash heat” the water, which otherwise would cause mineral buildup on the elements. Type in #57 in E-Inquiry Form.
  • Noritz America has released the N-0751M-DVC concentric venting heater provides up to 9.8 gal. of hot water per minute. Type in #58 in E-Inquiry Form.