2009 QR Top 100 Products

The Remodelers’ Choice 100 in 2009 reflects remodelers’ interest in new, innovative building products as well as those products that offer green solutions, particularly energy-efficient offerings. Overall, the range of products appearing on the list is very broad. Featuring the most requested products shown in QR over the past 12 months, the list offers everything from new paint additives to unique and creative bathroom fixtures.

The Remodelers’ Choice 100 also showcases the latest trends in the residential building industry. And while the Internet is helping homeowners educate themselves on a maddening array of new products, this list was created to help you, the remodeler, remain an expert in this business. Think of this list as an idea resource directly generated by your peers, nationwide.

Pay particular attention to the blue ribbons on the products below. They were featured as Remodelers’ Choice products of the month over the past 12 months.

See the Remodelers’ Choice 100 Products: [1-20], [21-40], [41-60], [61-80], [81-100]