Shower Drainage from Quick Drain

Tearing out old bathtubs and replacing them with shower stalls has become a trend these days, especially with the growth of Universal Design. But options such as center drains and shower pans may have just gotten a run for their money from Quick Drain USA.

In the April issue of Qualified Remodeler we introduced you to the Quick Drain. This product allows for any size ceramic, glass or stone tile to be installed immediately, and is designed to offer a higher degree of creativity in design and cleaner aesthetic. It’s available in eight standard sizes including 26-, 30-, 36-, 40-, 44-, 48-, 52- and 58-in. models, with custom sizes made to order, and all with a visible width of 1 1/2 in. The two sizes that are most requested by remodelers are the 26-in. and 58-in. because those are the dimensions of classic 5-ft. bathtubs and follows the trend of taking out standard bathtubs and replacing them with standing showers.

“Our company was specializing in custom tile work and shower installations,” says Josef Erlebach, owner of Quick Drain USA. “What we discovered was that there was a market for linear drainage systems for showers that are easy to install. It is very difficult to do a shower pan if you have a four-way slope into one point, so we thought that the only way to do it right is to have a one-way slope into one line. We got a huge response from our customers that they were waiting for something like this for over 30 years.”

The Quick Drain utilizes three different ideas to make it useful. The first one is the linear drainage system, which allows everything to slope one way instead of four different ways. Then there’s the use of PS membranes which is a thin bed of waterproofing. This helps save time and money because there is no need to put down another layer of concrete on top of waterproofing material. Tile can be set directly on top of this membrane. The third one was creating a system of height adjustment in the drain cover so it can accommodate anything from 1/2 in. up to 2 1/2 in. of material thickness.

Erlebach did note that it is important for remodelers to pay attention when they install this product the first time for the exact placement of the drain. When placing the Quick Drain at the wall, it’s imperative to account for the thickness of the walling material.

“That’s why we stress that all over the installation manual,” adds Erlebach. “Pay attention to your distance from the wall. It’s funny how many people think they know exactly what they’re doing installing it and forget one of the most basic things.”

The company is currently working on making people aware of this type of drainage system, as well as, developing second and third generations of the Quick Drain.

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Comparative companies:

  • The Groove shower receptor from Kohler is constructed of acrylic, backed with fiberglass for reinforcement and includes a three-sided integral flange. The Groove is available in six different sizes to fit different shower designs. Type #171 in E-Inquiry Form.
  • The Conoplan shower tray from Kaldewei USA features a centrally placed drain with an enamel cover and has a slight slope allowing for floor level installation, creating a step-free transition. Type #172 in E-Inquiry Form.