The Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System

Before starting on any remodeling project it is obviously necessary to take good measurements of the project. In finding ways to make lives easier out in the field, Emerge Industries has found a way to take measurements on the jobsite much easier for remodelers.

In the March issue of Qualified Remodeler we introduced you to the Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System. The Sticky Yard is placed on the item to be measured and using a digital camera, pictures are taken of the item. The pictures are then uploaded to a computer, calibrated, and results in measurements as accurate as 1/16 in., making house measurements easier and more accurate.

The inventor of the Sticky Yard, Eric Carlson, was working for a sign and graphics company when he was out on a jobsite measuring a large object up over his head for an estimate. He got to thinking that there had to be an easier way to take the measurements without a ladder and the time and the resources it takes to measure a large area like that.

“Within two years he had a functional product and began selling it in the sign and graphics industry before seeing the potential the product would have in other industries like remodeling,” says John Denison, vice president of sales for the Sticky Yard.

There is a reusable adhesive and magnetic yard stick that can be placed on the object in any orientation, as long as it’s flat. The reference is bright yellow to make it easy to see in a photo. Once the photo is opened in the software, the user clicks on each side of the sticky yard to provide a reference. More precise measurements can be obtained with the software’s zoom function. The user then clicks in between two points and the program takes a measurement just like an engineering drawing. After all the measurements are laid out there is the option of saving the photo as a jpeg to send out or save it in a Sticky Yard format that will allow the user to go back and take additional measurements on the photo.

“There are some limitations though,” indicates Denison. “It takes 2-D measurements, so you can’t take photos at an angle. You need to take them from a perpendicular angle. Also, you can’t measure the slope of a roof without taking a second shot from the side of the house.”

Denison explains that using the Sticky Yard is a great way for remodelers to give a more professional view of a client’s project with the information right on the photo. He also explains that instead of taking a couple of guys with a ladder and a truck all day to take measurements, one person can do it in an afternoon.

The Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System also comes in a 6-in. reference for smaller objects and spaces. Down the road the company has plans to roll out two versions of the Sticky Yard — a consumer and pro version.

“We would like to roll out a pro version with more editing abilities, including circumference measuring, automatic square footage calculation and an option to export data into a spreadsheet,” adds Denison.

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