Quik Trak from Uponor

Radiant heating products are popular among homeowners, so it’s up to remodelers to keep on top of what is available. Uponor North America offers systems that include everything after the heat source for a complete radiant heating system.

In the February issue of Qualified Remodeler, we introduced you to Uponor’s Quik Trak product. Quik Trak is a wood-panel radiant subfloor system designed for easy and cost-effective installations without the need to alter doors, moldings or baseboards. It’s an aluminum heat transfer sheet attached to 7-in. by 48-in. or 10-in. by 48-in. wood panels that are only 1/2 in. thick.

Uponor started in 1982 supplying plumbing and heating systems for the residential and commercial building markets, as well as pipe systems to the utilities sector. In 1988, Finland-based Uponor Corporation purchased polyethylene pipe industry leader Wirsbo and for a while used the company name Uponor Wirsbo to capitalize on the market awareness and sound reputation of both companies.

“A homeowner’s need or want of our product is really around the comfort and efficiency of a radiant floor heating system,” says Mark Hudoba, senior product manager for Uponor’s residential heating and cooling. “The nice thing about Quik Track is that it provides an easy installation for remodeling purposes and is great for going over a subfloor or a poured concrete floor.”

Quik Trak is a patented system of plywood panels attached to an aluminum heat-transfer sheet with a groove down the center of each panel for holding 5/16-in. Uponor hePEX plus tubing. The Quik Trak system also includes return panels with U-shaped grooves which ensure total coverage as well as the proper turning radius. For even faster installations, Uponor offers six fully assembled Quik Trak panels fastened together with reinforced strapping tape and staggered 2 in. on each end to aid alignment.

The versatility of Quik Trak allows installation in many types of floor construction, including over a suspended wood subfloor, over an existing concrete slab or in a wall or in a ceiling, making installation possibilities endless.

Uponor’s new Climate Control Zoning System also helps remodelers with radiant heating installation. This system uses wireless technology for complete radiant control in every room of a home. Without the need to run thermostat wires through walls, this wireless system can cut installation time. The Climate Control Zoning System starter kit comes with one radio controlled module, an interface module, an external and removable antenna, connection cables, mounting accessories, installation instructions and a user manual.

For more information on Quik Trak and Uponor, go to www.uponor-usa.com or indicate #52 in E-Inquiry

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