DPW Solar Racking Systems

Solar products are still growing in use in the residential market as homeowners take advantage of credits and incentives. PLP Solar is doing its part to support solar use in the United States by offering the support systems needed to properly mount solar panels.

In the January issue of Qualified Remodeler we introduced you to PLP Solar. Started in 1947, Preformed Line Products, or PLP, manufactures products primarily for the power utility industry and the telecommunications industry. About two years ago, PLP acquired Direct Power & Water, a company in Albuquerque, N.M., that has been in the solar business since 1993, and renamed it DPW Solar.

“We manufacture all sorts of different racking structures for mounting photovoltaic solar panels, and in the area around New Mexico we will do a complete integration and installation system for a complete turnkey system,” says John Markiewicz, market manager for Performed Line Products. “We sell the racking and mounting systems nationwide through a system of distributors that sell either regionally or nationwide.”

DPW Solar’s products are designed to be very robust and durable. It offers products that can span longer distances and require less roof penetration. From an installation standpoint the racking systems go together very quickly and easily, and because most solar modules are rated to last 20 to 25 years, DPW Solar’s racks are designed to last as long as the modules.

“Solar’s biggest drawback would be shade, so we’ve designed our racking systems to mount just about anywhere,” adds Markiewicz. “Whether or not a contractor is mounting on the roof, on the side of the wall or on the ground, we have a racking system. We also design our systems for different wind exposure, so if it is a coastal area or in the middle of the United States, we have different designs for those different racking system applications.”

DPW Solar and PLP continue to develop new products, including different racking structures, and continue to expand the product line to grow this area of the companies. To facilitate this growth, they’ve expanded manufacturing capabilities.

For more information on DPW Solar go to www.directpower.com or indicate #69 in E-Inquiry