Home Energy Audit Franchise Expands Into New Markets

CLEVELAND -- March 23, 2009 -- Pro Energy Consultants, a home energy audit franchise, announced its expansion into six new markets, including: Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Evansville, and Detroit. The Albuquerque, Charlotte, Jacksonville and Evansville franchises are currently open for business, while the Las Vegas and Detroit franchises will begin operations in Spring 2009. Pro Energy Consultants provides homeowners with qualified residential energy auditing designed to maximize the home's energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.


"Pro Energy is rapidly expanding its national footprint, and we're excited to welcome our new franchisees," said Derek Sola, managing partner of Pro Energy Consultants. "Pro Energy not only presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in starting their own home-based business, but it takes advantage of one of the most significant trends today -- the 'greening' of America."


The company's growth goals for 2009 include recruiting at least 40 new franchisees, operating in markets throughout the country.


Founded in 2008 by a team of energy, construction and business experts, Pro Energy Consultants represents an ideal green franchise opportunity given the current economic conditions by providing interested franchisees with a low-cost of entry. The total initial investment, including the franchisee fee, is $35,000.


Pro Energy provides technical, operational and marketing support, as well as training from master trainer Mark Cannella Pro Energy also capitalizes on an industry with high demand and very little competition. In fact, many states are beginning to subsidize and reward homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient. Nevada has made energy audits mandatory when a home changes ownership and many more states are considering taking this step.


Pro Energy Consultants uses state-of-the-art infrared imaging and blower-door testing to determine wasteful energy use in a home or facility. The process begins when a blower door is installed to the home's front door frame. The blower door acts like a giant fan and blows air out of the home, exaggerating the air flow and pressurization of the house and making energy leakage far more detectable. Pro Energy Consultants then uses the latest in infrared technology to scan the structure and systems in the home. This technical testing and equipment gives homeowners a clear picture of exactly where their home is losing energy, and therefore, wasting money.


















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