Universal Multi-Run Radiant Heating Panels from Viega

Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen Universal Multi-Run Panels as the ‘Remodelers’ Choice’ product for February. This product generated the highest amount of requests in the September issue.

With Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow this year and proclaiming another six weeks of winter, it’s no wonder that remodelers are still selling a lot of radiant heating to their customers. Radiant heating continues to expand and Viega is among the companies benefitting from the interest.

The September issue of Qualified Remodeler featured Viega’s Universal Multi-Run panels. Viega is a 110-year-old fourth-generation family business based in Germany. Its panels offer installers a solution for radiant installations that supplies tubing for up to three circuits while occupying a minimum amount of floor space. The product is useful in jobs where there is no option to drop lines.

“The foremost benefit for radiant floor heating has always been comfort, “says Lino Santoro, national sales manager for the ProRadiant line. “Radiant heating dates back to the Romans who used it. It is a very efficient way to heat your home because it heats objects, not the air. So when your body comes in contact with a surface, you’re not losing that energy from a colder surface.”

Radiant is also inherently energy efficient. Because flooring is being used to all objects it touches, a lower water temperature can be utilized. Where a standard boiler using thin tube radiation heats the water to between 160 to 180 degrees F, a radiant heating system uses a water temperature of between 95 to 110 degrees F. For every 1 degree drop in temperature there is a savings of 3 percent efficiency.

Viega directly manufactures about 85 percent of all the products in its catalog and all its products are designed to work together. In addition to Viega’s Universal Multi-Run panels are Viega’s Climate Panel System. This system can be installed over wood subfloor or concrete and under any type of floor covering. The system is made of aluminum-backed plywood with specially designed grooves for the company’s Barrier tubing.

Viega says it plans to continue working on sustainability and cooling things down.

“We are going to be focusing a lot of our technologies on sustainable energy in conjunction with water savings, comfort and LEED-certified technology,” adds Santoro. “That’s the big focus for us right now. We are also focused radiant cooling as far as specific products are concerned.”

For more information about Viega Universal Multi-Run Panels go to www.viega.net or please indicate #81 in E-Inquiry

Comparative Companies:

  • Uponor offers its Quik Trak, a wood-panel radiant subfloor system designed for easy and cost effective installations. It uses an aluminum heat-transfer sheet attached to wood panels that are only a 1/2 in. thick. Please indicate #82 in E-Inquiry
  • Warmup manufactures a complete line of floor heating systems to match different applications. Their products include its Loose Wire System, Undertile Matting System and Carbon Heater System. Please indicate #83 in E-Inquiry