BlueLinx is now distributing LiteSteel beam

TROUTVILLE, Va., (August 4, 2009) — LiteSteel Technologies America LLC has entered into an agreement with BlueLinx Corporation to distribute its LiteSteel beam in 29 U.S. markets.

The agreement establishes BlueLinx as a preferred distribution partner for the revolutionary LiteSteel beam, and is now supplying LSB to pro-dealers and lumberyards throughout the Southeast, Midwest, South and Plains. This gives builders and remodelers the opportunity to purchase LSB from their favorite pro-dealer/lumberyard.

“When fully rolled out, our distribution footprint will make the advantages of LSB easily available to builders in all major U.S. markets east of Colorado,” said Keith Foxx, LiteSteel Technologies vice president of sales. “We plan to expand our distribution nationwide and into Canada within the next year.”

BlueLinx is America’s largest distributor of building products. BlueLinx sells to more than 11,500 customers who operate over 20,000 locations. As LiteSteel Technologies continues to roll out its LSB products throughout North America, it will expand its distribution footprint and will likely include additional BlueLinx locations. Additional information about BlueLinx can be found on its web site.

LSB is a patented, cold-formed, light weight steel structural beam that combines the strength of steel but with the installation workability normally associated with wood products. Ideal applications include basement beams, long-span headers, garage beams, roof and ridge beams, floor and deck supports.

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