Detached Structure

CG&S Design-Build
Austin, Texas

Project name: Bowling Pool House
Project location: Austin, Texas
Square footage: 1,109
Project cost (not land): $106,000

The clients were interested in completing the final phase of their outdoor living area. The original project added an arbor to the west side of the house for shade and outdoor seating. An organically shaped swimming pool and spa were added in Phase II. In response to the clients’ need for an outdoor grill, dining area and storage building, a new pool house was constructed adjacent to the pool and arbor in the final phase. The challenge was introducing a large detached structure into a limited area without overwhelming the existing house and alienating the neighbors. The most suitable location for the pool house was over an existing septic system drain field, and the clients reluctantly agreed to the substantial expense of relocating it. The new pool house is finished in natural stone and a painted metal roof. It includes an outdoor kitchen, dining and sitting areas, a pool bath with an outdoor shower, a storage area/loft, and a Rumford fireplace. The pool house is integrated seamlessly to the site and landscape through low-scale roofs, compatible materials, garden terraces and sweeping stairs.