Vacation Home

Laughlin Homes & Restoration
Fredericksburg, Texas

Project name: Sandy Ranch Cabin
Project location: Fredericksburg, Texas
Square footage: 1,300
Total project cost (not land): $260,000

The objective was to build a getaway for a young, single software CEO that would reflect the character of the pioneer homes in the area while blending into the native surroundings of the Hardwood Creek bottom. The design needed to be small in scale and respectful of the budget, but roomy enough to accommodate gatherings of family and friends that camp on the surrounding ranch.

To reduce the construction impact, salvaged building materials were desired where possible, providing a historic feel while being environmentally responsible. Due to rocky canyon walls, the cabin was to be located within the flood zone of the creek bottom to minimize the impact on the land and budget. Special permitting was required for the building placement and on-site sewage facility. Vehicular access was not possible and a considerable portion of the budget had to be used to build creek crossing to reach the site. Although comparable in purchase cost, the use of reclaimed materials required additional labor to prepare and install compared to conventional materials.