Custom Home 6,000 to 6,999 s.f.

J.M. Williams & Associates
Salt Lake City, Utah

Project name: Millar residence
Project location: Saint George, Utah
Square footage: 6,970
Total project cost (not land): $2.7 million

A doctor and his wife wanted a home that would take full advantage of the 180-degree vista, provide privacy where needed, be ideal for entertaining friends and associates, provide ample space for visiting family members, and could also be considered a work of art and architecture. A winding stairway provides a breathtaking view of the valley and leads to a decorative entry gate. Passing through the gate one enters a desert oasis. The ceiling opens up to the blue sky while a walkway curves around a large reflection pool which is surrounded by stone walls on one side and curved glass walls on the other. The glass walls look through the interior stone columns, through the house and the entire valley as well as the distant mountains and sky. The courtyard is also seen from inside the house, and at night the light from the pool dances on the stone wall.

The interior of the home is open and flowing. All living spaces on both levels have breathtaking views. Although much of the home is glass, privacy is maintained where needed. The windows are protected by the sun through use of large overhangs and decks. The roof cantilevers as much as 16 ft. in some locations. There is also a sun shelf which provides shade from direct sun and allows indirect sun for lighting. Clerestory windows add to the light, airy nature of the home.