Custom Home 5,000 to 5,999 s.f.

Neal Prince Architects
Greenville, S.C.

Project name: The Bridge House
Project location: Landrum, S.C.
Square footage: 5,050

The design was conceived as a viewing platform for a picturesque mountain lake and valley below. In the spirit of sustainability, the design defers to the natural beauty of the site by claiming the lone clearing on the property, leaving the remaining heavily wooded area undisturbed. Emerging from a severe slope that dominates the site’s topography, the house appears to grow as it moves out over the terrain. Rooms are ordered to maximize the long views, resulting in a linear plan featuring a “bridge room” that transverses a rolling spring, evocative of the surrounding mountain streams and waterfalls that characterize the setting.

A series of heavy totemic masonry elements — chimneys, columns and retaining walls, are ordered to provide punctuation and further anchor the home to the site. The residence is comprised of 5,000 sq. ft. of heated space divided over three stories. The bulk of the everyday living space — master suite, kitchen and great room — is allotted to the main floor, with the uppermost and lowermost floors designed for less usage.