Custom Home 4,000 to 4,999 s.f.

Neal Prince Architcts
Greenville, S.C.

Project name: The Countryyard House
Project location: Roebuck, S.C.
Square footage: 4,950

Influenced by the flow and motifs of the modernist tropical homes of South Asia, this home is articulated as a loose collection of individual interior and exterior rooms ordered around an intimate outdoor courtyard and reflecting pool. The house is sited along the axis of a long ridge sloping down to a small freshwater lake. The 4,950-sq.-ft. heated space is divided over two stories that allow for a variety of spatial experiences, from a double-story great room to a 10-sq.-ft. low-ceiling family niche for contemplation. The dining room and great room are particularly notable in their paired window walls that allow for full transparency and a constant engagement with the natural characteristics of the site. Simple materials and neutral color selections provide a coherence of tone to the rooms that further encourage an outward focus.

The client’s request to live in a courtyard house was made particularly challenging by a sloped site. A low-maintenance home with two, two-car garages allow for accommodating a drop in grade. Overall, the result is a low-slung front, and a more commanding view to a lake at the rear of the house. Clay roof tiles, stained concrete decks and stucco siding form a tough, wear-resistant exterior palette of materials.