Star Light

The Star range hood from Elica is designed to make a dynamic statement. It’s the centerpiece — the light of the kitchen. As the central space of most homes, the kitchen demands design that can stand up to the scrutiny of so many friends and family.

As the star of the kitchen, the Star generates light for the room and energy for the house; it can become a source of power for anyone near it, says Matt Holmes, vice president, sales and marketing, Elica Inc. in Chicago. Elica’s international headquarters is in Fabriano, Italy.

Elica views the range hood as an architectural and design complement for the home. Products are designed with the intention of making a statement and being functionally better by operating efficiently and providing a higher quality of life for users, Holmes says.

“Elica’s range hoods are designed for any type of home,” he continues. “They’re not just for one style of design and not others. We intend for our products to work in contemporary and traditional homes. Many of our hoods lend themselves to the contemporary style, but moving forward you will see Elica come out with products oriented toward the traditional side because North America in general is more traditional.”

Those walking the aisles at this year’s Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Atlanta liked the Star from Elica so much they gave it the People’s Choice award, which Elica is proud to accept.

Controlling the Star is done with the Magic Wand, a simple steel bar that protrudes below the hood a few inches. At the diameter of a pencil, the steel rod has two simple buttons on it. One controls fan speed and the other controls lighting. “It takes a light touch; you barely touch it,” Holmes notes. A remote control is provided to enhance convenience for users.

Air filtration and venting is handled inside the Star; air enters the bottom, is cleaned and then vented out the top. Holmes points out that 98 percent of the air that comes out is clean. “For a recirculating hood, that’s remarkable,” he adds. The steel mesh filters are dishwasher-safe, and designed to last up to three years before needing replacement.

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