Morphic Style

The Morphic line of decorative hardware doesn’t magically change shape as its name suggests. Morphic hardware, however, can take on the personality of almost any home.

“It’s really up to the customer which type of door they want it on, or which type of home they want it in,” says Anne Pierce, CEO, Martin Pierce Hardware Inc., Los Angeles. “It’s good for the institutional look to a beach house; the hardware can be taken in many directions. It’s whatever the builder or architect wants.”

Anne’s husband Martin created the Morphic line and the company. Martin’s inspiration for the Morphic hardware comes mostly from watching science fiction movies, “but also from organisms in nature. It’s a bit futuristic, but the style also latches onto organic forms in nature,” she says.

The Morphic line typically is shown in steel, but it’s also available in bronze. With darker hues, it can even fit into an art nouveau-style home, Anne Pierce says. “When cast in bronze, it can fit in a classical home very well, too,” she adds.

Morphic pieces are made of cast 316 stainless steel. Many Martin Pierce pieces are formed using the lost wax method. “The hardware pieces — all hand-made — are created in wax and a shell is formed around it. Molten steel is then poured into that shell which causes the wax to melt and disappear, or become lost. Imagine the wax literally pouring out of the mold,” Pierce explains. The lost wax method allows for incredible detail, she adds.

“Our philosophy is to make art into hardware: To create original designs, artistic designs, and have integrity in what we do. We’re not interested in generic,” Pierce insists. Martin Pierce is always game for a challenge, and would consider custom work if the concept is original and fun. “If it’s the right project that makes sense, Martin will consider it,” Pierce says.

Hardware from all of Pierce’s lines are kept in stock, but most of the larger pieces are made to order. Turnaround time on door hardware is six weeks, Pierce says. “We have showrooms around the country, and we make an effort not to work directly with a homeowner. We’d rather work with a design professional or builder.”

Martin Pierce is a self-taught hardware maker who was trained in England as a woodcarver and furniture maker. He became a sculptor focusing in 3-D art. Pierce also makes furniture under the Martin Pierce Furnishings brand.

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