Animation available for preventing flooding in flood-prone areas

(Kenner, LA) – The Southern Pine Council, through their Raised Floor Living campaign, now offers an animated sequence at that shows homeowners and builders how raised floor foundations help reduce risk for homeowners and their neighbors in flood-prone areas.

“Builders and designers are encouraged to visit and view the animated sequence,” said Cathy Kaake, senior director of engineered and framing markets for the Southern Forest Products Association and a certified floodplain manager. “This is a strong visual reminder why it’s smart to build raised floor systems to elevate homes in flood-prone areas versus bringing in mounds of fill.”

Titled “Don’t Flood Your Neighbor!”, the segment uses digital animation to illustrate what happens during a flood to both homes built on mounds of fill and their neighbors. Building a home on top of a mound of fill alters the natural floodplain. During a flood, as the waters surge into an area of homes built atop mounds of fill, the water has no place to go, resulting in extensive flooding of neighboring properties. The sequence illustrates how building a raised floor home does not alter the floodplain, greatly reducing damage to neighboring properties.

For more information about building raised floor systems, builders are encouraged to visit