Model Design

RedEye Arc’s services offer architects and designers a realistic, three-dimension model of their designs to make it easier to sell and communicate with clients. RedEye Arc is a product of RedEye on Demand by Stratasys which is based in Eden Prairie, Minn.

“It’s a compelling tool — more than virtual models because you can touch, feel and see space, and dimension of space,” says Ruth Jacques, marketing specialist. Instead of architects owning their own three-dimensional model printers, they utilize the services offered by RedEye Arc, a more affordable option for smaller companies.

“At our facility we have rows and rows of three-dimensional printers that print the models in thermoplastic material layer by layer. Generally architects upload a design file to our website and we print it. Then we mail it or they can pick it up,” Jacques says.

Once an architect/designer uploads a design file, a project manager is assigned to the architect. “The project manager finds all the colors and texture needs, analyzes their files and ensures they will print to the highest resolution.

[Project managers] are liaisons between the architect and what is produced at the end product,” Jacques adds. “We typically take two-dimensional drawings and convert them to a three-dimensional file. It is at that time we make the necessary exaggerations to compensate for limitations. This service is provided at no additional charge.”

The only limitation with RedEye Arc models is wall thickness. “To print and sustain durability, the minimum wall thickness cannot be less than 0.030 in. at model scale. These features such as window mullions, trellises and railings may need to be exaggerated in size to print correctly,” Jacques adds.

Details such as the color and texture of shingles and brick, trim details and more are emphasized on the models. The turnaround time is usually two days depending on the size, with standard mail delivery unless overnight delivery is requested.

“Even though screen demonstrations are compelling, they don’t appeal to our senses,” Jacques says. “[Models] give an architect the ability to interact, communicate and sell their idea better.” For more information on RedEye Arc, visit or indicate #35 in e-inquiry.