Designers’ Notebook: Entryways

Old World Charm...

Photo: Walt Roycraft,
Walt Roycraft Photography
The homeowner's design criteria reflected their diverse cultural backgrounds and dictated an Old World style that was unique to the region. Built to outlive the normal lifespan of today's homes, the exterior is a combination of stone, slate and copper. Architectural correctness was the goal for both the interior and exterior of the home. Builder: Padgett Construction; Lexington, Ky.;; Architect: McCoy Architects;; Project name: Dhir Residence; Location: Lexington, Ky.; Exterior door: Marvin Windows and Doors
Timber living...

Photo: Scott Amundson,
Embracing the balance of function and preservation, this 7,500 sq. ft. home blends a rustic style with a touch of Sweden, and minimal impact to the heavily wooded lakeshore. Dove-tailed, hand-hewn white pine was used on the exterior for refined timber elegance and complementing the Appalachian quarried stone. Builder: Nor-Son; Baxter, Minn.;; Project name: Norr Tran Home; Location: Northern Minnesota
Custom developments...

Photo: Aaron Gallup, kbc Productions
The goal of this 11 unit patio home development was to create a sense of community centered around the existing creek and simple yet unique floor plans complete with outdoor spaces. The building pads were twice as wide as they are deep giving the architects more linear footage of the front elevation to add detail, creating a non-garage dominated exterior. In order to create isolation from street noise, water fountains and strategically placed windows frame only desired views. Architect: Studio L Architecture; Boise, Idaho; Project name: Bridgewalk; Location: Boise, Idaho
Privacy with views...

Photo: Jennifer Oliva, JD Photography
To overcome the position of the house as to not seem cramped, it was designed to be private and somewhat mysterious. A quaint courtyard follows the secured gate and is filled with lush plants, trees and radiant flowers. Views of the neighboring golf course, mountains and Las Vegas city lights unfold from every room. Builder: Trademark Builders; Las Vegas; trademarkbuilders
; John C. Mackey; Project name: Desert Vision Properties; Location; Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nev.; Manufactured stone: Kodiak Stone; Exterior door: Loewen
Entrance to gathering...

Photo: Elizabeth Etienne,
Elizabeth Etienne Photography
When homeowners walk through this spectacular entryway, they are greeted with an impressive great room. The house sits on a tight urban lot where the great room provides the social anchor point of the house. Built as a spec house, cost was a factor so getting the maximum design value was crucial. Builder: The Hazle Group; Los Angeles;; Project name: Casa Cielo; Location: Los Angeles
Nature retreat...

Photo: Ninajo Wallace, Runin Photo
The objective of this project was to build a home that looked and felt like it literally grew out of the woods. The homeowners were looking for a retreat from their busy lives as well as a home that offered a contemporary flavor. Together a structure was designed that was simple yet elegant, had all the amenities of a modern home, and took advantage of expansive views surrounding the home. Builder: Gerard Distinctive Homes; Fremont, Mich.; Project name: Wilson Residence; Location: Fremont, Mich.; Exterior door: Thermatru; Stone: Owens Corning